Start is 03.04.2018

Many People dream about to take a break from the daily rut. Yes, we also had this pictures in our mind long time already. But as it usually is - how to find the right time, how to find the right word´s to your supervisor.... and so on. How we found the right way and what we will discover - you can find out here in the next time.

Buildings of Augsburg Germany

We leave Germany as it was raining and the thought of sunny days in southern Europe brought us a smile in our faces. Some month before we had a lot of work with planing to arrange all the needs for 100 days. We don´t want to talk that much about equipment, because this is a individual thing. I just have to say - If you have finish your packing, bring the half back to your house, because always we take to much with us.

View trough the van on the ocean.
In the first 20 days we arranged ourselves in the van and try to arrive Portugal. Some things were easy to solve and others needed a few attempts - but at the end we feel like home and I have to say it´s really cosy in this ca. 9 qm.THE GOAL AFTER 100 DAYS IS TO DRIVE 8000 KM AND SHOOT 10000 USABLE PICTURES.


Clermont-Ferrand and Puy de Dôme (Auvergne)

Parachutist on top of the Puy de Dome Vulcano