My desk - evolution.

My desk - evolution. A top view still life. Flat lay photo. Top view with copy space. Office supplies and gadgets on desk table. Working desk table concept.

Overtime in a sewing company.

2018, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This picture show us a seamstress in a big sewing company having night shift. She always wears a surgical masks to protect remaining colleagues from infection. Most people are unable to stay home when they are ill. I liked the concentrated work of the woman and the focusing light on the sewing machine. The green work clothes pop up very well.

Overtime in a sewing company.

Overtime in a sewing company. A women sew in the night time.

About my work for Tatonka GmbH

Since 2009 I am responsible for Hardware collection for the Outdoor brand Tatonka based in Bavaria, Germany.