Horse in the sundown light

Two horses in the sundown light graze. Bright colors of the grass and sky.

Palm branch and blue sky

Palm branch and blue sky. Green tropical leaf on blue background. Coco palm tree on sky. Green palm leaf border. Coco palm tree view from ground. Tropical garden banner template with text place

Surfer home

Surfer home at beach, house with surf boards at coast or shore, cabin or building with equipment for wave riding, bungalow at seashore. Exotic recreation and swimming, water theme

Natural thermal pool

Pretty black hair woman enjoying a natural thermal pool in Martinique

Night scene in Faro

Night scene in Faro with reflections in the water and many bright colorful lights.

Young adults surfers

Young adults surfers wearing wetsuit warming up on beach preparing for summer evening surfing session - stretching routine for surfing and active lifestyle concept, Portugal. Silhouettes of two surfer. Aerial view.

Cadiz city

Ancient Cadiz city in southern Spain. Cadiz Cathedral and old town. View of the waterfront of the city of Cadiz with Cadiz

Bullring of Valencia

Bullring of Valencia (Plaza de Bous de Valencia) and Bullfighting Museum of Valencia (Museo Taurino de Valencia) near Valencia Nord Railways station.

Parachutist Jumper

Parachutist Jumper in action. Action sports. Extreme sport.

Parachutist on top of the Puy de Dome Vulcano

Parachutist Jumper in action. Action sports. Extreme sport.

About my work for Tatonka GmbH

Since 2009 I am responsible for Hardware collection for the Outdoor brand Tatonka based in Bavaria, Germany.

Top´n all walls

2017, Hong Kong, China. This picture shows a backyard at night. It´s a back view of a hostel in downtown. Many air conditioners on a small space suggest that they are conditioning very narrow rooms. I liked the graffities and the light of the street lamp on this Scene.

Soho Stroll

A woman strolls in Soho, New York City.