Queen Marie Antoinette's garden Pavilion

The Temple of Love in the gardens of Trianon. Queen Marie Antoinette's garden Pavilion at Versailles in France. Abstract view of abstract times.

Raven on a sculpture

Raven on a sculpture at the garden of Versailles, France

Path To A Sunset Beach.

Path To A Sunset Beach. Fenced trail through dune grass leads to a sunset beach on the coast of the inland sea of Il de Re, France.


The Church steeple in Ars en re through round ornamentic element. Monochrome photography.

Surfer home

Surfer home at beach, house with surf boards at coast or shore, cabin or building with equipment for wave riding, bungalow at seashore. Exotic recreation and swimming, water theme

Night scene in Faro

Night scene in Faro with reflections in the water and many bright colorful lights.

Aerial photo of a beach

Top view aerial photo of a wonderful nature landscape with sandy yellow beach with beautiful coral bottom for snorkeling. Seascape with beautiful calm waves. Website background, Landing page background.

Cadiz city

Ancient Cadiz city in southern Spain. Cadiz Cathedral and old town. View of the waterfront of the city of Cadiz with Cadiz

Bullring of Valencia

Bullring of Valencia (Plaza de Bous de Valencia) and Bullfighting Museum of Valencia (Museo Taurino de Valencia) near Valencia Nord Railways station.

Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

Shoot of a cuple in front of a Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Beautiful Lady strolling on a paradise beach.

Beautiful Lady strolling on a paradise beach. Posing with a shoulderbag and straw hat. Sun reflections.

Top view of Tokyo Downtown

Night top view of downtown Tokyo, Japan.

Eastern Bakery

Shop window view of a Eastern Bakery in Hong Kong, China. Abstract scene.