Fishermans style houses

Bright colorful fishermans style houses on the seaside street in the port of La Rochelle, France

Night scene in Faro

Night scene in Faro with reflections in the water and many bright colorful lights.

Cadiz city

Ancient Cadiz city in southern Spain. Cadiz Cathedral and old town. View of the waterfront of the city of Cadiz with Cadiz

City view Valencia

City view Valencia

Bullring of Valencia

Bullring of Valencia (Plaza de Bous de Valencia) and Bullfighting Museum of Valencia (Museo Taurino de Valencia) near Valencia Nord Railways station.

Visit Girona, Spain

Visit Girona, Spain. Red Bridge.

Buildings of Augsburg Germany

Buildings of Augsburg Germany - Old town in city of Augsburg during spring time. Augsburg is Germany's third oldest city.

Asian streets

2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A look through the taxi window at night. Bright neon lights framed by a dark window frame. I took the picture because I liked the contrast between the slightly dark, quiet taxi inside and the loud, colorful hurly-burly on the street. The mouthguard is a daily companion and protects the wearer and the fellow man for a contagion.


A group of people skating on a natural rink. Frozen lake in Bavaria. Forrest and Castle Neuschwanstein in the background.

Top view of Tokyo Downtown

Night top view of downtown Tokyo, Japan.

Soho Stroll

A woman strolls in Soho, New York City.

Soho Stroll

A woman strolls in Soho, New York City.