„Behind glass, neon signs and surgical masks” Participation in the 2018 ZEISS Photography Award

Asia, a continent of opposites, stranges and neon lights. The photo series „Behind glass, neon signs and surgical masks” would like to show just nine of Milions of situations. Without claiming to tell the stories of their protagonists or situations until the end. No top-class photography, just the moment is important. On my regular trips to Asia I searched for typical situations and peoples. Situations like the scene on a gas station in the night time in Saigon where people come together to refuel there motor bikes. Always a balance of real and unrealness. But mostly just the naked truth. A guy is waiting of a cab and a life-sized carboard stand-up women is wobble in the wind! A seamstress in a sewing company having night shift. The cult to be different than the others and scenes behind the scene. Repeated constantly - impossible to tell all storys.

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